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Mar 17 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

Every 50 feet or so in San Francisco, something entertaining is going on. Sometimes it’s a tiny woman with a silly accent yelling at her loudest into a pay phone. Sometimes it’s really good breakdancers.

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Hang On

Mar 07 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

I love when a phrase means something in more than one language. Maybe if they ever expand, they could become [Super Hang On]( Speaking of AM2 games, San Francisco’s Chinatown looks a lot like Shenmue 2. They’re both very realistic representations of urban China.

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Sign by the stinky bathrooms

Mar 01 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

I think you should be able to find the “First Amendment Area” on a globe; look for the big chunk of land labeled “The United States of America”.

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