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Do Not Use This Diaper Changing Counter

Mar 31 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

I have questions about this scene. First, why put a specific date on the sign? Shouldn’t they just write “do not use”, then take it down when it’s okay to use? What happens on July 17 that suddenly makes the counter all right to use, but happens without anyone being around to take the sign down? Also, what was the thought process that made the sign designer add a small child behind the parent, waving her arms for attention?

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Half Price Books

Mar 29 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

This is my new favorite bookstore section.

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The Rock that Said “Yo”

Mar 24 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

We went to Carkeek park, while searching for apartments in that area, and met a friendly rock.

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Spider Town

Mar 20 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

We took a long walk to look at a potential new apartment; the noisy guys upstairs from us were driving me mad. The place ended up being pretty intriguing but also a little spooky: there was no door separating the common entry stairs from the apartment’s living room, so anyone could just march up and find you hanging out there. Not too much longer, though, we did move into a new place… If you correspond with me regularly, you have probably heard about it. If not, hang on and I’ll post about it soon.

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A Cave

Mar 18 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

Piroko and I went hiking somewhere. I can’t even remember where it was; we just drove and drove until we saw something that looked promising. We found a cave with a stream running out of it, and I ventured pretty far into it. Caves really exist in real life.

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Political Litter

Mar 15 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

I think these signs are supposed to make me think positively about their candidates. All I see is that someone has proudly emblazoned his name on a big hunk of litter.

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Grocery reference sheet

Mar 09 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

As we were checking out at the grocery store, I spotted the cashier referring to this finely-illustrated, homemade guide. He was nice enough to let me photograph it.

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A Shaved Llama

Mar 03 2008 Published by under Uncategorized

We went to Wisconsin. We took a ride on a hay truck. We met a shaved llama.

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